GTV is an international distributor of furniture and lighting accessories. The company is present in several dozen markets in Europe, Asia and America, whereas products with the GTV logo are to be found in millions of households and offices worldwide.

The company has its own technical and logistic infrastructure enabling unconstrained operation everywhere in the world. Its seat is a state-of-the-art, fully automated logistics centre near Warsaw. Within the premises, there is an office building and two warehouses offering 13,000 square metres, including separate bonds, holding 20,000 euro-pallets. In addition, the company has nearly 5,000 square metres of warehousing area at its disposal.

The GTV product portfolio is one of the most comprehensive offers in the market. It covers several thousand products in several dozen product groups, including hinges, rails, lifts, holders, wardrobe and kitchen equipment, as well as LED lighting.

Within the corporate CSR strategy, the company is actively involved in charity and social programmes. It supports the operation of various public benefit organizations on a regular basis. It is also a patron for projects contributing to the development and popularization of the furniture business.