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A line of sliding door hardware for wardrobes and closets with doors mounted on the wardrobe body. Suitable for furniture boards 16mm – 22mm thick. In order to improve functionality, rails or aluminum profiles can be used as handles. In this system, the doors slide on the top track, thanks to rollers attached to the inner side of the filling. The bottom of the door, moves by using slides (Overline) or rollers (Overline Plus), thanks to which the whole systems works quietly.


OVERLINE set: 2 external rollers, 2 internal rollers,
2 positioners, 2 bottom slides of external door,
2 bottom slides of internal door.


System elementsNameProduct identification code
Top track (405 cm)A-SN-TG-405-00
Bottom sliding track (405 cm)A-SN-TDS-405-00
Door closing system 25 kgA-SN-SOFT-25
Door closing system 40 kgA-SN-SOFT-40
Buffer setA-SN-ADSET

A-SN-ADSET Buffer set: 1 pc. activator outer door and 1 pc. inner door, 4 pcs. adapter, 1 screw set.