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A sheeting line for sliding doors with the top movement system. These systems are designed for the cabinets with overhung doors, interior doors, and for the built-in closets in hovels.

The doors of overhead systems may be made of a board of 16-28 mm thick, or designed as a bearing structure based on the aluminum frame (preferably with the symmetrical knobs ARCO, FALDA), with an unspecified filling of 4 or 10 mm. All the system is designed based on the sliding systems with the best quality bearings, which move along the top guide.

The QUANTUM set – rollers 2 pcs., stoppers 2 pcs., guides 2 pcs.,
a set of screws


System elementsName Product identification code
Top quide200 cm: A-TG-BUD-200-00
300 cm: A-TG-BUD-300-00
Side mountingA-BUD-UB
Top mountingA-BUD-UG
Cover mounting
to the top guide
Board fixtureA-BUD-UP